Why the sad face? 😢 Familial estrangement got you down?

Does every family go through this? Does yours feel the constant strain and angst of difficult or cut-off relations with immediate or not-so-distant family members? It seems a frequent story, doesn’t it?

Jealous brother or unattended sister (often merely their perceptions of their lot), decide to disconnect. They weren’t treated ‘fairly’, didn’t get their ‘due’, they feel parent(s) and/or siblings are responsible for their ‘plight’, or at the least their ‘disappointment’ in their treatment and experience within the fam.

What to do? What to DO?!

Oh my…we spend so much time and energy on ‘it’ along the mystifying journey. We attempt to repair or placate or tip-toe amidst or decipher or even damage further the relationship.

Here’s a novel idea…just LIVE, people, just LIVE and LOVE, ‘cuz…one day, you won’t.

~~ Lighten my past and illuminate my present, so as to guide me in light for my future.

(my version of Trish Whynot’s phrase)

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