The BLC’s and Life Discombobulation: you think there’s no time to write…

At a time when journalling can be one of the best channels for release of frustration and stress, it seems the opportunity for doing exactly that is at an all-time low or apparently non-existent. I’m here now, though, aren’t I?

Of course there’s always time to write, you just might have to forfeit even more sleep than you are already losing while in the midst of BIG LIFE CHANGES (BLC’s). We know that we make time, not find time for anything and everything.

Life is full of choices…and other *stuff*.

*Stuff* like a spouse telling you they want to live on a boat.


“Uh, where does that leave me and ‘us’?” you ask your dreamy, adventure-seeking spouse. “You know I do not want to live on a boat.”

“Yes.” The spouse is quite aware of that fact. However, the spouse is equally unsure as to where that leaves the two of you. They don’t know, they’ll have to think about it, but “it definitely won’t impact our relationship. The boat has nothing to do with us.”

I’d love to survey the masses on the likelihood of that conclusion being accurate. Agreement to that outcome surely is borne out of some long-held secret trapped within a proverbial black hole, to which the believer has sole miraculous access.

Not the least reassured, you confidently deliver the verbal challenge to that conclusion and head off to prepare yourself for some potential BIG LIFE CHANGES in the perhaps not-so-distant future, all that amidst a massive solo effort to thwart same BLC’s, of course.

Certainly, never say ‘never’, but almost unimaginable is a catastrophic move on the part of the other, or simply one just delivered by Life, that might be so powerful and destructive so as to deliver a demolishing blow to the deep, abiding, life-building, family-creating love and respect finally found in your supposed ‘life partner’. Your vows were taken very seriously this one and only time they were taken in your lifetime. Who knew a boat would be the ‘other’ to eventually degrade the trusted promise?

“This is not what I signed on for 33 years ago,” you say.

Did I say, ‘dreamy’? Yes…however, what we all know is one cannot stop a dreamer. It’s who they are, it’s what they do.

hmmmmm…no impact?

To be continued (likely not the relationship, but the unfolding story of the unfolding relationship).

~~ Lighten my past and illuminate my present, so as to guide me in light for my future.

(my version of Trish Whynot’s phrase)

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