Taking a break, it’s necessary sometimes…

…two plus years? I knew it had been awhile, but you know what ‘they’ (and I) say about time. Although, I have to admit, it wasn’t all fun I was having these past two years plus. Oh, I’m not complaining. There certainly have been some joyous, love-filled times with memorable travels and highlights to help balance the lowlights.

Life certainly has its moments, doesn’t it? Even when you know things are a tad ‘off’, that thing we do as humans, hoping, praying, wishing, believing, whatever it is you do within that realm of discounting the likelihood of some high probability thing actually coming to fruition. It’s a fantastic observation of our human mind. It has accomplished everything from diverting a suicidal individual back to living life with determination, to aiding concentration camp or any inmate, into survivorship.

You never know what you’re capable of, until you are faced with it. Don’t ever sell yourself short…or, think that Life is not all about CHANGE!

~~ Lighten my past and illuminate my present, so as to guide me in light for my future.

(my version of Trish Whynot’s phrase)

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