A new leader has been — oh wait, just a second, now…MORE people are ‘speaking’… and Marching! Oh, THOSE People!

Yes, well…did anyone think this would go swimmingly? Neither candidate had a smooth transition awaiting them, I’m sure. These protestors aren’t armed, however, thankfully…or at least, we hope they’re not. Oh dear…Donald, are you sure you want to be ‘for’ this gun thing? Seems that ‘scare’ at the meeting the other night might have been enough to change your mind…What’s that? Oh, it was only ‘a sign’…oh dear, now we might see a ban on signs coming along in this presidency, d’ya think? “Away with them!” ;o)

Protest away, good pps. Tell ’em what you think. Be safe, be kind.

Onward and upward we go…he’s not ‘CiC’ yet!

~ BE WELL, LOVE WELL, and with thanks, BE LOVED ~

(by me, topchattypatty. If you like it, please share it, frequently)

~~ Lighten my past and illuminate my present, so as to guide me in light for my future.

(my version of Trish Whynot’s phrase)kauai-chicken




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