The (American) people have spoken…sorry, exactly what was it they said?!

OH MY, haven’t the standards for the quality of the human being entering the Oval

Office been severely reduced, like…right through the floor?! 

OK, I get a lot of the reasons why this has happened, but…how…HOW? I can’t believe the Republican Party could find only someone of this caliber as their best candidate.

From my circles, yes, but from further afield, as well, there are huge numbers of people stating not only outright fear over the ‘new ways and rules anticipated from the Oval Office with this new administration’, but actual immediate physical repercussions,  including outright nausea.

My plan is to respond as to all other incidents in Life…feel what I’m feeling, accept ‘what is’ and hope, pray and take action to do what I am able to facilitate as much goodness for the common good out of this result. The hate and anger and divisiveness that has prevailed won’t help any with going forward ‘together’. This Life is so short and the fight for self-preservation so great, it’s tough sometimes to stand back a bit and look at the bigger picture, trusting the process to infuse some positive surprises along the journey.

The only guarantee in Life…CHANGE! Even this won’t last forever. Let’s do our part to see that global repercussions are minimized. Who knows? Maybe this will hold some good? The people who voted this change sure hope so.

FEAR will only make us sick and sicker, good pps. Feel your feelings, accept ‘what is’ and do what you are able to do to facilitate goodness for our world while standing up for what you think is good and right. Keep the faith, good pps.

THIS IS DEMOCRACY…at work, in spite of the various deviations and glitches in the process along the way.  The reaction of the world will level out, time will tell how well this will work out. Let’s hope he knows how to do the job at hand in a more competent manner than other efforts of his to date.

This is YOUR REALITY SHOW, DONALD! Good luck, otherwise, you’ll be FIRED!

~ BE WELL, LOVE WELL, and with thanks, BE LOVED ~

(by me, topchattypatty. If you like it, please share it, frequently)

~~ Lighten my past and illuminate my present, so as to guide me in light for my future.

(my version of Trish Whynot’s phrase)

The chill before the storm … He’s not ‘in’ yet!

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