Reality…we each have our own chunk if it, yes?

That metaphorical slap upside the head when one’s First World Whining is exposed…to oneself! Even if you thought you were pretty grateful and happy and content and … and … and … only think you comment once in awhile on something that isn’t sitting right with you…then (!) you (see the news, of course, and/or) visit someone close to you who is going through HELL…upper case intended. Pure, unadulterated HELL! By anyone’s standards, First, Second, Third or whatever other ‘levels’ of this and other worlds’ lives exist.

The human SPIRIT, the WILL to go on, the SURVIVAL instinct, PURPOSE, HOPE, BELIEF, all of it…so fantastically ALL HELL lived out and ENDURED.

We need to be “happy” … all day???!! What? What some hideosities in Life require of an individual, a mere mortal being, in order to just get themselves out of bed in the morning! Inspiration and true fortitude, I’m telling you. Do I possess that somewhere, as well? Will it be there if I need it? I’m not facing those huge issues, losses and illnesses…and yet, I have my ‘perceived challenges’. (A friend once clarified that we are not to compare challenges or the damaging experiences of our lives with those of others in as much as grading them on a scale of horrific or not so…if it feels like HELL to you, then it IS!).

It behooves us, I think, as caring, loving, compassionate beings to reach out to those with struggles, whether the same or different from our own. Walk that road together, even for just a little while. We all need to know someone cares, that our existence matters, that yes, life will go on without us one day, but we are here, NOW, and need to love each other, for the sake of all concerned. Drop the blame game, the “But, you do this” and well, “YOU do that!” Please STOP, people … accept, forgive, care (firstly of and for yourself) and yes, sometimes…move onward from that conflict that never ends, but keep loving, caring, accepting and forgiving as you go forward. Life, LIFE, pps, is too short and a grandiose struggle for so many … give thanks each day for what we have and what we ARE able to do and be and know that we are loved, even if it isn’t to the potentially idealistic specifications of your potentially unreasonable self-entitled expectations! Love and be loved.

BE Well, LOVE Well…and give THANKS for being loved. (And for everything!!! For, even in the hardships, there are learnings  for this hazardous road we all travel…for such a short time…hold on to the love and your purpose, pps, whatever it be…you are admired hugely for your strength, even if you feel feeble as HELL!)

Had to say it, simply had to say it…what a week it has been…one funeral, pillar of the community, husband, friend and dad gone at 47, one first year anniversary of a fallen ‘soldier’ at age 58, leaving a crushed spouse behind, one loved one struggling every day with chronic pain, grief, new additional diagnosis, one dear one attempting to walk after knowing very well how to do so for 60+ years, but knowing it won’t get better over time, only worse, one, no two, no three plus,  who carry on blindly, but sadly from the past, perhaps not realizing happiness and contentment await them, if only…find a way to not settle for MISERY, pps! Please allow yourself that…in this fleeting existence here.

How to carry on? Peace, blessings, love and thanks to you all who suffer so greatly. My love, respect, admiration and petitions for sweet moments of pure unadulterated joy to each of you. Somehow…☮☯💖

~~ Lighten my past, illuminate my present and shed a light on my future.

(my own slight deviation from Trish Whynot’s quote).

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