Life is amazing!

Isn’t it, though? I have been busy sightseeing throughout my own ‘hood with my amazingly low maintenance, agreeable, accommodating Swedish house guest visitor friends. They are so intelligent and very knowledgeable about so many things, inquisitive and critical in their thinking, always asking questions about what they see and hear. I am thankful to be learning so much from them, not to mention, but I will, the great fun we are having at the same time!

OK, so this is Google Translated, but I AM studying Swedish via my son’s recommended fav app, Duolingo. That is fun, too!

Tack så mycket, Liza och Stefan. Jag är så glad att du är här!

Common humanity, not differences, laughter being the best medicine, acceptance of others and their customs being paramount. And singing!!! JOY making!

MY, MY! The world is so very tiny, isn’t it?

~ BE WELL, LOVE WELL, and with thanks, BE LOVED ~
(by me, topchattypatty. If you like it, please use it, frequently)
~~ Lighten my past, illuminate my present and shed a light on my future.
(my own slight deviation from Trish Whynot’s quote).

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