People around the world, we’re in this together. Tragedy strikes, we respond…

We need each other for much in this Life…for support, for an abundant and constant influx of healing compassion and for the uplifting of the crushed human spirit by offering hope for a new future, especially in the face of tragedy…this story, these many stories…88k or so they say, have caught my attention these past few days. Hard to miss this, unless cave dwelling or navel gazing 24/7.

Peace and strength to all affected, love to all and know you are cared about and for, if via Canadian Red Cross Alberta Fires Appeal

Red Cross Alberta Fires Appeal

or some other way…let’s reach out, pps. I can only imagine the huge sense of loss, not to mention the real fear factor fleeing down a burning highway! This is no TV show.

I keep you all close in heart and prayer.

The Canadian government promises to match dollar for dollar all donations to the Canadian Red Cross Alberta Fires Appeal.

“Bravo” to new Syrian immigrants in Calgary and elsewhere, you understand with your ‘no borders, simply humanity’-filled caring hearts.  And for those Syrians who recently settled in ‘Fort Mac’, only to face egregious loss and evacuation once again, we say, “Please keep your strength, draw from us, our prayers, support and hope for you to find a home again.”

National Post: Syrian Refugees Help Fire Victims

Peace and comfort to all in the days ahead.

Continued positive thoughts and hopes for your rebuilding.

HUGE GRATITUDE that you are safe.

Condolences to all who have suffered a loss of any kind in all this and to those who relive their own prior losses revived in memory, as they witness this devastation.

~ BE WELL, LOVE WELL, and with thanks, BE LOVED ~
(by me, topchattypatty. If you like it, please use it, frequently)
~~ Lighten my past, illuminate my present and shed a light on my future.
(my own slight deviation from Trish Whynot’s quote).




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