Mix It UP, pps!

Try it, you’ll like it.

Pair of socks you might think unmatchedAdds a whole new feel to the day! ;o)  And don’t worry, you can enlighten any doubters by assuring them, “Of course they’re ‘a pair’, I have another just like it at home!”

This is a surefire way of adding intrigue and a new perspective to your day, for yourself and for others who cross your path. I say, “Experiencing Life is NOT about everything being in perfect balance”…perhaps it seems that way because of the constant attempts on our parts to make it that way or expect it to be so. However, Life is NOT organically that way, no no, not on it’s own. “Stuff happens”, you’ve heard that, right, maybe not inside the cave, but after exiting…?

Now, this is with all understandings of cosmic symmetry itself aside. That is some real and truly legit Stuff, man. 😀  Don’t go there (this time), please and thanks. Save it for a rainy day. hehe.

Forget the self-induced onslaught of teachings for a couple of millennia that the following is real and necessary: ‘tit-for-tat’, ‘eye-for-an-eye’, ‘you-scratch-my-back-I’ll-talk-behind-yours’ (?!) and put any sort of ‘hard efforted need for balance’ or ’50/50 reciprocation ideas’ you have in your bean aside, OK? ‘Cuz THIS is real Stuff, too…I’m simply referring here to Stuff that happens in Life and how we respond to it and also, Stuff we try to make happen in Life, whether it actually wants to happen (or needs to) or not.

OK, so…here I go, (geez, are you still with me? Hope so…O_o). Enough with the preamble, disclaimers, qualifiers and pleading, etc.

~~ An unmatched pair of socks was a gift to me from a musician friend who wrote a blog piece and then a song about the universal hazard and extreme sense of loss felt by any and all of us at some point in our lives…those of us who do laundry, in a machine…socks getting lost in the washing machine. It was so touching. His words were beautiful. I really felt for those lost sock souls. And that’s when, to top off my emotional response to the blog and song, he gave me an extremely unmatched pair (perhaps I’ll share them here one day. The ones shown above are my creation. I’m excited, but going slowly with this experiment, one step at a time, but loving it).

Truly, pps out there, try it! This might be the next big REVOLUTION in the SOCK WEARING WORLD! (is it already and I’m just tardy, as usual? huh? oh well).

I never wear matching socks any more. Never say “never”.  I am still sometimes kinda stuck in the old learned ‘dressing appropriately requirement’ (whatever that is), acquiescing at weddings and funerals, only, for now. That might take until I’m 70 to shift, but at 60+…whooo-hooo! Freeeeeedom SOCKS!

I often go for long stretches shuffling Randomly Sock Paired (RSP) amidst people who I deem to be fairly observant people. For example, two hours on the pickle ball courts, (Yes, pickle ball. Try it, you might like it, as well!) where attention towards my this ‘n that sock style might go unnoticed due to competitive focus in the game, yes. However, then there’s the sitting on the benches next to the hoards awaiting my next game, with our faces that much closer to our feet (and the feet of others – a challenge not to notice, sometimes. whew!). Nope, not a word.  No one notices, or at least, no one comments, that is! Now, in my humble and very sporadically, disjointedly, only partially educated opinion, this inactivity of comment could be based on one of two responses from the masses.

  1. I find the typical member of the species Homo sapiens has what might be an innate perception, and quite possibly a mistaken one at that, that others in the same species actually pay any attention to each others’ details at all. AND…1a) that if they happen to pay attention and notice something worth mentioning, we believe they’ll actually care to take the time and energy or have the willingness to do so. General apathy and constant minding of our self-status are frequently rampant, I believe.                                                                                                                                            “What? Do you talk to yourself?”                                                                                            “Of course, I always like to get an expert opinion!”                      OK, next point…
  2. In my all-consuming, lifelong quest to discern other people’s inner thoughts, I wonder…are pps perhaps afraid to comment when they see my ‘pair’ (of socks) due to the potentially embarrassing possibility that I have inadvertently grabbed two socks from two different pairs and – horror of horrors – gone out the door into the Big World (where matching COUNTS for a lot and a sure measure of your level of intelligence and capabilities in Life is judged by what you’re wearing and what’s still on your face from breakfast)…where was I?  Oh yes… out the door having mismatched my socks, amidst your other imperfections, for heaven’s (or Petey’s, if not religious ;o)) sake! For SHAME! ‘We’ won’t comment, just in case she (at 60+, after all) might be showing signs of that dreaded early onset thingy. ‘We’ don’t want to go there, no no. But, ‘we’ will take note. After all, IF ‘she’ does it aGAIN next time, yikes! ‘She’ might really need a diagnosis.

IF you are thinking exactly that and not enjoying the joy of your own or others’ RSP, remember this, perhaps…it’s a pair of SOCKS, people! Wear them any darn way you want, OK? Or, like some, not at all! (that’s not new, a guy I knew stopped wearing socks just after high school, it was so cool. Didn’t make him any cooler, but it was innovative, I thought. Then again, it might’ve been around for decades and I had just crawled out to notice it).

Have as good a time as you possibly can in this short and getting shorter Life, will ya? That’s not party talk, that’s LOVE talk. Let’s try not to take it so seriously, there’s enough of that going around, an epidemic, for sure. SWITCH YER SOCKS! There’s Stuff we cannot change, CHANGE YER SOCKS! Learn to accept and ‘carry on camping’ in spite of it all. We all end up in a box, so to speak, accept it, admit it and get on with LIFE. It IS for the living, after all. Grab your joy where you can. You can’t laugh everything off, I’m not that silly (although, I am pretty silly!). However, let’s just lighten up a tad, shall we and giggle and allow that inner child, whatever it is, that innocent, fun, carefree goofus within us to shine and be grateful for what we do have and can still do and let others love us and let ourselves love others. Let’s not think or do all that ‘other Stuff’.

We might simply acknowledge that “Stuff Happens, Then you Die”, so let’s start the


(if it hasn’t been started already, that is, as I’ve never been much of a trend-setter, really…;o))

And so, one day, when someone gets the _ _ _ _ (a unisex reference here) to comment, I will simply and happily share the above news…

“Of course they’re a pair! And, I have a pair just like them at home!”


~~ Lighten my past, illuminate my present and shed a light on my future.
(my own slight deviation from Trish Whynot’s quote).

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