“Worldly, Colourful, Wise”

‘Someone’ answered the question…offline. Three words that come to mind when contemplating ‘over 60’s’. Makes my ego respond with joy! Down down, Ego! Three words I might have used to describe my own parents and their peers back in the day, had I been ‘wise’ enough to do so. I like these words and not just from an egotistical viewpoint (at least, I hope not). They add goodness and joy to the world, gratitude and acceptance and they lack a negative judgment. Even if an ‘over 60’ is curmudgeonly, he or she might still qualify to be the above.

Such an elaborate, positive and generous view of the bracket. And not from ‘someone’ within the bracket. Hmmmmm…any other comments out there, pps, whether from ‘within’ or ‘without’?

~~ Lighten my past, illuminate my present and shed a light on my future.
(my own slight deviation from Trish Whynot’s quote).

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