OK, so no one wants to answer the question…

When I was very young, ’60+’ was so far away I didn’t even pay attention to it.

When I was in my ‘youthful years’, ’60+’ was old, quite old! ‘The old geezers’ (a redundant term, I think now. Our current and oh so wise Urban Dictionary says in  hU.K. it’s just a ‘dude’, but in North America…”An old man, particularly one who is either  cranky or eccentric. Rather derogatory term.”). The elderly were everywhere. They were store clerks, gas station owners, doctors, teachers and grandparents and ohmy! Upper arm skin flew dangerously back and forth as the teacher wrote on the blackboard in her short-sleeved dress. No one knew what she was talking about as they were mesmerized by this fantastic chicken-like display, never thinking of course, that one day that might be the very antics of their own weary flesh!

At our wedding at my spry age of 26, my loving parents were kind and still so capable for their age and fancied up and dapper as ‘they gave me away’. It wasn’t until thirty years later that I realized my mother was only 61.5 years of age and my dad still 60 at the time! Whaaaa? I could’ve sworn that even though they were fun and ‘with it’, they were ‘on the elderly side’. NOT!

For me:

40 was a laugh, someone gave me a giant pair of ‘old lady underwear’ and a copy of the book, When I Am Old I Shall Wear Purple (already did – I LOVE purple!) – which for the unindoctrinated (take note, youngn’s, as you’ll get there yourself one day) is taken from the 1961 poem by Jenny Joseph – see her here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cACbzanitg

50 was a hoot…1/2 a century! WoW! We made it (not all of our friends had. R.I.P.+)…

55 was ‘Freedom’ (yes and no)…

40 Year High School Graduation Celebration? No worries, I planned it! Party time. Let’s celebrate!

Then came:

60…a BIG parTAY and little by little, and quite unexpectedly, life took on an entirely new hue and view…now, looking back, I see it actually was a more gradual process than first thought. Perhaps we all see life with our youthful eyes, until we don’t. But let me preface the following writings by saying, it’s not all bad, as one might anticipate if not yet arrived (nor is it all crotchety and flabby. Although, I’ll admit I’m a tad befuddled by this gravity issue happening here…O_o)

TBC…(To Be Continued. After all, I can only sit typing from this exercise ball position for so long! Stay cOOl, pps)

~~ Lighten my past, illuminate my present and shed a light on my future. (my own slight deviation from Trish Whynot’s quote).


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